Seasons Are Changing

Jul 19, 2017

Pastor Walter, Lisa, and Claudia

As many of you know, Lisa and I (Cadence) have been running the student sponsorship program together for the last 4 and a half years. While sponsorship had already been somewhat established, Lisa began forming it to what it is now about 5 and a half years ago. We are thankful for the heart that she has put into this program and for her love for all the students. Thank you, Lisa!

Some others of you might know that Lisa’s dream and plan is to step into foster care here in Chichigalpa. This is incredibly needed to give kids a safe, loving place to be for short or long term. If you are interested in what Lisa’s plans are, feel free to check out her blog:


Cadence, Gabriela, and Lisa

What does that mean for student sponsorship? Well, we have been working this year on organizing sponsorship so it is more manageable by one person (currently Cadence). You may have gotten emails or letters explaining changes in the program and encouraging you to use our sponsorship email address ( all in an effort to make sponsorship better and more long term sustainable. Lisa worked one-on-one training up Gabriela to take over Sunday School and mentoring the youth-age Sunday school teachers.

Transition when seasons are changing is an art, people. It takes organization, planning, heartbreak, disappointment, and celebration. We are so grateful for Pastor Walter and Claudia who are our constant sounding boards to our sometimes crazy ideas. They told us when our idea was good or terrible and called us (me) out when I wasn’t paying attention.

With Lisa gone, I am working to make sponsorship sustainable by local Nicaraguans. This may take a while as I train up locals, but I’m excited. I’m excited about thirteen year old, Carla, who could be a gifted administrator and about Gissell who has grown up in the program and will graduate this year. I’m excited to have Silvia’s viewpoint as someone who, as of now, has never been sponsored. I am forever grateful for Gabriela and Claudia who help and support me. My dream is that locals are more empowered to care about the education of kids in their own community. They will be more effective than I ever could be.

I am telling you all of this because it’s important that you know what changes are happening in this program. Things won’t always be perfect. I am promising you that me and my team always have the students’ best interests at heart. I love these kids and can’t wait to see what they do in life.