Fabiola Padilla

Fabiola del Carmen Padilla Solano is the Administrator of the New Song Health and Dental Clinic. She was born in 1981 and has been married to her husband Roberto Carlos Sandino Perez since 2004. Fabiola studied Administration in the University and really enjoys getting to put her degree into practice at our clinic. In June 2013 Fabiola began working for New Song. She caught on very quickly to all the ins and outs of the clinic and with her sweet personality she became well loved by all the doctors, dentists, and other clinic staff.

She says that her favorite parts of the job are communicating with patients – getting to talk to them and solve their problems, and learning a little bit of the doctors’ and dentists’ work.

Fabiola’s dream for the clinic is to see the clinic have a laboratory one day in the future. We would be able to process many more exams and gain another degree of helpfulness to our community in Candelaria and the outlying villages as well. Until we have the means to build one, she is hoping and praying in God for His provision in this future plan.

Fabiola has tackled the difficult job of learning all of the Nicaraguan legal requirements and has worked steadily to complete them all and learn how to keep us updated yearly. She has helped us gain favor in the government as she has tenaciously learned to align New Song correctly.