Canto Nuevo in Candelaria

About Canto Nuevo

Our church in Candelaria is our first church that meets on the Mission base property. We have been serving here since 2003. The church name is Canto Nuevo (New Song). It has 100 active members made up of roughly: 50 children, 20 youth, and 30 adults. Services, bible studies, and other activities make up a typical five-day week. The team dorms, moringa garden, and sports fields are at this church site.


The property in Candelaria is a 5 acre plot where the mission hub is located. Here we have fields for baseball, softball, and soccer. We have our main church building, a medical-dental clinic, and mission house. This property received a huge blessing from Finish the Wall in February 2013, completing dorms, kitchen, bakery, and cafe. We have a hand pump well and electric well on this property. They help provide water for the surrounding community as well as the clinic and gardens. All hours of the day this property is full of life of all ages.