Pastor Daniel bring them out of darkness into his marvelous light

In 2019, Pastor Daniel has been focusing his attention on equipping the members of the church; to see the needs of their community, to go where they are and love them in simple, practical ways. He dreams of the people becoming a force, moved by God’s grace; to bring His love to others, to effectively connect them to Jesus Christ and to see lives, families and communities transformed. “Lets work together to see God’s goodness and love transform and develop communities of life, hope and light!”

Pastor Daniel likes to do things that are simple, needed and practical to sow love in the hearts of those in his community. His focus is to see God’s movement in these hearts. His spirit is crying out to see miracles in response to their faith and for them to Know God’s love and power intimately.

Daniel Campos has been a part of our ministry for over a decade, and a senior pastor since 2015. His gifts for leading worship and teaching the Bible have served him to become an extremely influential pastor and leader of the New Covenant in Nicaragua. He and his family have committed to serving the communities of Fe & Esperanza and The Valley with love and grace! Daniel serves as a local voice to our board of directors and works alongside Diego in country for the day-to-day operations of the churches and ministry.


Greetings brothers and sisters:
I send greetings and blessings to all of you from our entire church, Llaves del Reino, with love and respect.

As the pastor, I feel honored that the Lord chose me to serve in these beautiful communities of Fe & Esperanza and El Valle. Our church is located exactly in the center of these two communities making us accessible for an even greater impact. God has planted a passion in my heart to help families and reach them for Christ. I could not do this alone, God started it with me, and developed it through my family from there. My wife, Xiomara, and our three children ages 28, 26, and 17 are dedicated to this wonderful ministry. I consider it a great victory to have my family working together to reach families where God has placed us. I have seen many pastors without the support of their spouses and children, unfortunately the majority of pastors in Nicaragua operate this way. Last year God showed me with more clarity what He wanted from us as a church, and helped give me more focus.

Since then, our vision and goals have become more of a reality. Our purpose, why we exist is:

  • To share grace under the New Covenant To help new believers grow and mature in faith To help each person discover their passion, and find a place to serve.
  • We invite marriages to spend time with our family once a month, for a time together in fellowship and strengthening each other. We believe that a strong families make a strong church.
  • We are happy and blessed to have this God given ministry, and we share it with joy because God in His great love gives us grace and favor.