Clean Water

Clean WaterThe Need for Clean Water

Chronic Renal Insufficiency (CRI) is the leading cause of death in Chichigalpa. It has taken the lives of several thousand people over the past decade alone, leaving many widows and orphans. The exact cause is still a mystery even though there have been several investigatory studies over the years. It is believed that chronic dehydration, poor nutrition, and contaminated water sources are the main culprits.

Men, especially agriculture workers, are predominantly afflicted by the disease, though there are cases of women and children with CRI as well. The community of La Isla, one of our outreach communities, is reported to have as much as 41% of the population affected by the disease. Research done through New Song so far indicates that the majority of cases were diagnosed in the years 2000 and 2001, two to three years after Hurricane Mitch.

Our Approach

New Song is committed to providing access to clean water to the communities in which we work

  • Our church properties in Candelaria and Santa Matilde have deep¬†wells that provide access to clean water for families in these communities. Because the public water system often leaves homes without water, the wells at the church properties provide a source of water for many families during these times.
  • Through generous donations we were able to provide water filters to many¬†families in La Isla, Guancastal, Cuitanca, and other rural communities.