Manantial de Vida in Nuevo Amanecer

Our newest church plant is in Nuevo Amanecer (New Dawn). It began in 2011 when Pastor Bismark, the main overseer, visited the community evangelizing. He felt called to start the church Manantial de Vida (Wellspring of Life). There is a church in south Florida with a big heart for this pastor and community. It has around 50 active members made up of roughly: 40 children and 10 adults.
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English Class

We have been offering English classes in Nuevo Amanecer for the past year and a half once every week. We have several students who have been in the class since the beginning. Some of them are in secondary school (US equivalent to high school) and take English in school. For these students, it is a good supplement for what they are receiving in their classes. Others are in primary school (US equivalent to elementary school). They do not have an English class yet. These students are learning the basics of English to better prepare them for secondary school.

Pastor Bismark Tellez

Pastor BismarkPastor Bismark Tellez is the head pastor of Iglesia Manatial de Vida (Wellspring of Life Church) in Nuevo Amanecer. He is married to Ivette and they have three children.

Bismark says of his involvement with New Song Mission, “New Song is a mission with great relationships, great love and great care. They bring the Word of God and blessings to many people; like to the children whom they sponsor, as well as the sick and the widows of the community. The Clinic is a great blessing and benefit in our community. Above everything, our community has a lot of love. New Song Church and its Ministry are completely non-profit.”

Bismark attended pastoral training classes and served as an elder at Canto Nuevo in Candelaria before becoming to head pastor at Manatial de Vida in Nuevo Amanecer in 2011. He says of his work in Nuevo Amanecer, “I am working strongly with the children, youth, adults, and any friend who wants to get to know Christ. I help the community come closer to Christ in having a relationship with the Lord. I keep working hard so that one day God can bless us with our own Church so that we can praise the name of Jesus. I have great joy in the Lord with what he has done. Glory be to Him.”

For twenty years, Bismark Tellez had worked in churches around Chichigalpa, always striving, working, and feeling the burden of being a Christian until he met Pastor Walter. Walter brought him to leadership training at New Song and there Bismark was introduced to the New Covenant. Today he is more excited than ever for the love of God and has a great desire to make disciples in his community.

In 2010 he became the pastor of the New Song outreach church in Nuevo Amanecer, and his church now is thriving with 25 excited, committed adults, 6 youth and 40 children! Pastor Bismark and his family do not have much money, and his church is very humble as well. They currently meet in one of the church member’s backyards. Though he is grateful for this, he dreams one day of having a structure that they can meet in and also having a sports field to host the youth in the area so the church can offer alternatives in the neighborhood besides drugs and alcohol.

Pastor Bismark also has a huge heart for the children of Nuevo Amanecer. Many of them can’t afford to attend school and there are children that often are without food. He has two children of his own, which makes his heart all the more willing to see these children cared for. Bismark can often be found visiting church members and neighbors, praying for them, talking about the love of Jesus and serving them in any way he can.

About Manantial de Vida

We are working strongly with the children, youth, adults, and any friend who wants to get to know Christ. We help the community come closer to Christ in having a relationship with the Lord. We are thankful that the Lord blessed us with the property and a structure to worship in so that we can praise the name of Jesus. We have great joy in the Lord with what He has done. Glory be to Him.

Sunday School

Our Sunday school program in Nuevo Amanecer serves approximately 50 children ages 2-15. We have Sunday School teachers from the community that are being lifted up to take over the teaching of our children, guiding them in the way of the Word and in the love of Christ.

About the Community

The community of Nuevo Amanecer (New Dawn) is the closest to Chichigalpa of all the churches in which we work.   The community is located near the cemetery of Chichigalpa and New Song Mission began its involvement in Nuevo Amanecer in July 2010 through outreach to some of the local gang members. Pastor Bismark Tellez continued weekly evangelical outreaches in the community before being led to start a church plant there.