May 07, 2021
Diego Norman

TODAY begins our 3-day Annual Clinic Fundraiser.
Thank you to those who gave early and provided us a $10,920 headstart! We are blessed and humbled to start our fundraiser 22% on the way to our goal.

FRIDAY (today), SATURDAY, & SUNDAY, MAY 7-9 we invite you to join us in raising $50,000 to support New Song Clinic through April 30, 2022.

By giving any amount, you will be supporting the Nicaraguan pastors to outreach more people in their communities through the Clinic.

All of our ministries work in unity to reach the hearts of the people for Christ through our local leadership.

If you cannot donate, that is totally fine, but we ask that you will pray for our goal, and share this to help us get the word out.

Facebook pays all the processing fees for you, so 100% of your donation goes directly to New Song. Give on Facebook.

For those who prefer to give through our website, Give at

Send checks to:
New Song Mission Nicaragua
4154 Shearon Farms Ave #106
Wake Forest, NC 27587

Thank you for your support so far!

$10,920 of our $50,000 goal