November 6 Media Week in Review

Nov 06, 2016
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It is November 6th, and Nicaraguan presidential elections started at 7 AM.  By law, no one is allowed to meet, and all activities are put on hold until the results come out Monday afternoon.  Besides today, the week has been full of activities and joy.  Thursday morning was especially sweet, celebrating Lisa’s birthday at the Abide home.  Enjoy our week in review.

New Song Mission is blessed to have Eduardo as a guard. We love him and his dedication to his job.

Our Wednesday night adult bible study in Candelaria is growing. The growth is not just in attendees, but real understanding of the gospel. The group shares their interpretation, asks questions, and builds off each other. It is a joy to see them become more interactive, and bring life through Paul’s letter to the Romans!

Our sponsored students who are in secondary school complete monthly service hours as a way to pay it forward and give back to their community. We love to see them working around the property, helping coach baseball, teaching Sunday school, or helping tutor younger students.

Our moringo team is hard working and committed. They work together with joyful hearts and fun filled spirits. They are dedicated to the process, and we are grateful for them.

Our pastors started administrating unified leadership services, where the leaders visit a different outreach church the last Sunday of each month. These activities are encouraging the local church and strengthening the pastors. It is beautiful to see each of them develop their gifts, and assist one another in love.

New Song Mission Nicaragua
Impacting Nicaragua by teaching grace and the New Covenant.

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