New Address

Mar 05, 2018

New Song Mission has changed mailing addresses!

This means that any packages or letters that you are sending to your student(s) should be sent to this address:

New Song Mission Nicaragua
RE: Without Limits
4154 Shearon Farms Ave #104
Wake Forest, NC 27587

Our students love to hear from their sponsors. Please keep in mind that it takes a while for letters to get to and from us. Just a reminder, here are the best things to send and not to send your student(s):

Ideas of what to send:

-Age appropriate books in Spanish
-Stickers and stick-on tattoos
-Hair Accessories
-Coloring Books
-Balloons (flat, not with air in them)
-Beach balls or bouncy balls

Things NOT to send:
-Books in English
-Money (our program strives to give goods not money)
-Technological or expensive items
-Candy or food (It takes a long time for packages to get to us, and because of insects and the climate much of the candy is inedible by the time it gets to the student