In Honor of Miriam Small

May 10, 2015


Miriam Small is a woman of faith and faithfulness. She raised Angela, my sister, and me with constant love and complete devotion, always trusting God and teaching us by example.

I knew everyday coming home from school she was there waiting to hear about my day with a homemade treat. She laid her life down to see that we had everything possible to develop us, spirit, soul and body. She was one of the favorites of all of my friends as she would let me have parties and invite everyone~~many slumber and swim parties! She lived LOVE, caring for those who had less than us, everyone was equal and valuable. I learned to love and trust God and love and care for others because of her example. I am grateful to God to still be able to go an visit with her every time we visit in the States. She is my place of rest and safety, still! I love my Momma and I celebrate her today!

Submitted by the Linda Gable


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