Graduation Time!

Dec 07, 2017

 It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

We celebrated graduations this month! Many of our students have worked so hard and are moving on to big dreams.

Sixth grade graduation is a big achievement here in Nicaragua. Completing elementary school opens other doors for students. Even if a student does not finish high school, they are able to attend a technical school because of their elementary certificate of completion. Many students walk away from this graduation having gone further than anyone else in their family. Some of them go home and read what their diploma says to their family because no one else at home can read it. I am so proud of these students and what they have accomplished.

High school graduations are such a celebration. Students wear robes and hats like you would usually think of. What I love most of all is how proud these students are of themselves. They feel ownership of what they have just accomplished.


Every graduation has a time where the top two students are honored and they pass the school flag and the national flag to the top students of the grade below them. Without Limits Sponsorship had two valedictorians in our two different high schools and one top student in the grade below.

The Santa Matilde elementary school has a top student in all six grades. Without Limits had five top students represented at this school! In other elementary schools, we had at least one top student and many others who were recognized for achievements in different competitions.

I am so proud of our students and what they have accomplished. We are also excited to begin next year as we send four students to university. You can partner with these incredible students here: