2016 EOY Fundraiser

Nov 29, 2016

We kicked off our End of Year Fundraiser with a Chili Dinner in Huntersville, NC on November 20th.  It was a fun filled evening with about fifty children, adults, and seniors.  We shared great food, fellowship, and worship.  Tommy & Linda Gable each shared about how the mission started and where it has come.  Diego Norman shared his vision for where the mission is headed.  Over 20 prizes were won in the raffle, and the mission received over $2500 in donations.  This was the first time we shared our fund raising video as part of a soft launch.  The fundraiser hard launches today, November 29, 2016. We appreciate your prayers and support from now until the end of the year.

Follow the results here:

GOAL      $80,000
pledged:  $32,800
to raise:   $47,200