Let’s Get These Kids Ready for School!

Jan 23, 2021
Diego Norman
Happy New Year! Now let’s get these kids ready for school!
As you read in the last email, ordering supplies and getting ready for the year is quite the process.
Without Limits Sponsorship staff works long days during that time. On school supply delivery day, we are all running around like crazy. The three groups are as follows: organizing and storing the purchased supplies, counting the delivery, and packing backpacks.

Packing the backpacks is the group everyone wants to be in. We get to individually select which backpack goes to each student and put in the beginning of the year supplies. The conversations had during this selection indicate the kind of program we strive to run. 
“Oh, he would really love that backpack!”
“She worked so hard last year. Give her this pretty one!”
“Her favorite color is red. Let’s make sure she gets a red one.”
“He got a black backpack last year. Let’s give him something different this year.”
“She came every single day to tutoring. I’m so proud of her.”

Each backpack is then labeled with the student’s name and every item is carefully placed inside. Sponsorship staff handpicks each backpack and supply with each and every individual student in mind.

The backpacks are filled until the zipper is practically bursting. Full of notebooks (8 for high schooler and 7 for elementary), three pens, three pencils, a 24 pack of colored pencils, a calculator, poster board, pencil sharpener, erasers, dry erase and permanent markers, geometry compass, glue, scissors, foam paper, a 12-pack of paint, a ruler, highlighters, and foam paper. These are the supplies for the first month. Then we give out the next things they need.

We still have some students who will receive backpacks and supplies at the start of the year but do not have a sponsor. This means that they will not be able to receive the monthly packets of supplies or uniforms. We would LOVE to be able to give them their backpacks and tell them that they are starting the school year fully sponsored. This would be such a great gift!

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