Without Limits University

Oct 18, 2020
Diego Norman

Without Limits Student Sponsorship is an incredible opportunity for our students to know people believe in them. Often when we think of sponsorship, we think about elementary age students and maybe high school. But we want to talk about our university level sponsorship.

We have university students who are studying nursing, business administration, and engineering. Three nursing students just finished up two week internships at a hospital and health center.

At every grade level, Without Limits is designed to, not just send a student to school, but to provide mentorship and accountability. This doesn’t change for our university students. To be accepted as a candidate for sponsorship, a student must have a certain GPA and be active in New Song’s Ministries. If accepted, a student will partner with an area of New Song. We have university students ministering in church services and alongside pastors, serving in New Song Clinic, and mentoring within sponsorship.

The university students that work in sponsorship tutor and mentor our younger students. Without them, Without Limits would not be effective. We are proud of the incredible work they are doing and know that God is speaking through them. Like you, they believe in these kids. They know how hard some of their lives are and they listen, encourage, and pray for them.

Some of our university students have been working within Mobile Ministry. They go into neighborhoods and prayerfully speak truth and encouragement over people, their homes, families, and small businesses. They play instruments and sing about God’s love and joy calling people out of hopelessness and despair into His marvelous light.

Thank you for partnering with Without Limits Sponsorship. You are an important part of raising up the next generation in Chichigalpa.