SPONSORSHIP: What Comes Next?

Jan 17, 2021
Diego Norman

School year is finished. Graduations are over. Report cards are collected.  Left over school supplies are counted. Updates are sent out. What comes next for Without Limits Student Sponsorship?

You might remember that the Nicaraguan school years begins in February. The first week of February to be exact. It takes a lot of detail work, counting and recounting, and adding totals for us to get ready for the upcoming school year. We began ordering our school supplies for the 2021 year in October.
In case you’re wondering, we ordered 5,610 notebooks. These range in size and type. Students need notebooks that are filled with graph paper and regular lined paper. Elementary students receive smaller notebooks. High schoolers get the larger ones. We celebrated over 20 students’ elementary school graduations in December. Those students need Spanish-English Dictionaries because they will begin English classes for the first time.

Fourth and fifth year high school students receive graphing calculators. First-third years receive smaller, less technical ones…unless the student attends a private high school. Those students all need graphing calculators. We need more red and white foam paper than purple to account for holidays celebrated at the schools. To have enough for the school year, we order 2000 pencils. One year, we ordered a brand of pencil that just DID NOT work. It was a disaster. 
School supplies are scheduled to be delivered January 18. We receive the delivery and literally count every single item individually. When was the last time you counted to 2000 by pencil packs of 12? It’s a strange skill that we have learned over the years.

On delivery day, we split our staff. Some are in charge of storing and organizing supplies. Gabriela is usually in charge of that. Do not mess up her system of organizing supplies. Another group counts the delivery and the last group begins packing backpacks…
 Stay tuned for the next email to read about what comes next!


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