Time Flies

Nov 04, 2019

WHAT?! The school year is almost over?! How did that happen?!

I apologize that I have not updated this blog in quite sometime. Thank you to the sponsors who have emailed (or visited) your students this year. Your students love hearing from you even if it is a short “hello” to let them know that you are thinking of them.

Recently, a mom of one of our sponsored students told me that her daughter has a folder where she keeps all of the letters she receives from her sponsor. One day I was sitting around chatting with some of our older students and they were talking about each of their sponsors; whether or not they had met them, seen a photo, or heard from them recently.

I say this all the time but sponsorship is so much more than the money sent for backpacks and supplies. I tell our students often how much I believe in them, how much our staff believes in them, and how they have another person that they may or may not know who is also on their side. That’s you. You are on the list of people who are cheering for them. For some of our students that’s the end of the list.

We are about to begin working on having every single one of our students write letters to their sponsors. If you haven’t updated your contact information recently, PLEASE let us know if it has changed.

Once you receive your letter, please consider writing a reply. That reply can be emailed to our sponsorship address (sponsorship@newsongnica.org). You can also send a video! Anything sent will be translated and given to the student. The letter can be as simple as just reminding your student that you believe in them.

Thank you for being on their side.