They are Precious in His Sight

Jul 09, 2020
Diego Norman


At the start of 2020, all six of our churches were developing their Children’s Feeding Programs.

The churches in Santa Matilde and Nuevo Amanecer shared the success they were having from their locally birthed 2019 Feeding Programs with the other pastors. After hearing their testimony, all of the churches began this outreach in their respective communities this past January.

All of the US teams who visited us in 2020 between Jan 1 – Mar 7 participated alongside the local feeding team. They served and shared with us that it was one of their favorite parts of the ministry.

Throughout April two of the churches continued to do “walk-by carry out only” but when cases rose in Chichigalpa, we suspended feeding to protect these dear children and their families.

We have provided church families provision 3 times during April, May, and June. The feeding program outreach has children who are part of our 160 church families, as well as over 180 children whose families are not in our six communities churches.

This week all 180 of those children received a love package of uncooked provision and a bottle of oil. Our church leadership and children helped distribute these blessings to God’s treasured niños y niñas.

Thank you for helping us be a blessing!
We appreciate you and the difference
you are making in these communities!