I want to thank you for the blessing and opportunity to partner with you in your ministry! Your hard work at New Song Nicaragua allows average “Joe’s” like me to be able to feel part of something big! It is my deepest desire to feel I’m making a difference in this world. That is not always easy for me to accomplish and I don’t always know where to start. Your ministry is so exciting and it is such a pleasure and privilege to link arms with you and know that I am a part of helping others in body, soul and spirit!

I support New Song because they are not trying to just save people’s souls – they are helping them live abundantly, providing resources they need and doing life with them. This is the gospel in action, sacrificial love 

 We, as a church family, and pastors of a small gathering feel so blessed to be a contributor to what God is doing in Nicaragua through New Song. Their passion to serve not only the spiritual needs, but also the physical needs of their communities gives us great joy to be able to help. They have stewarded what we give and have truly fed thousands with our small loaves and fishes! 

I support New Song Mission because every person and every ministry truly, sincerely, and deeply loves serving God. New Song is the gospel in action. When I support New Song Ministries I know that I am serving the Lord in a way that is pleasing to Him.

I have led many mission trips to many different countries. And New Song is doing it right. This is they way missions should be done 

We need a place to give and others do to. There are only so many trustworthy places to sew into, and we are glad we found New Song as amazing stewards of our gift. You guys are doing a great job! 

I love New Song because I have personally seen Jesus change lives through the power of the Holy Spirit working in the New Song staff and community. We have been amazed in how our donations have been utilized and managed. Definitely a ministry worthy of support! 

We have supported our trusted and dear friends who started this ministry years ago. New Song puts “shoe leather” on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The ministry represents the hands and feet (and heart!) of Christ Himself to the people of Nicaragua! 

Visiting and supporting New Song Mission is truly a JOY!  Supporting industrious young leaders and seeing them mature makes me so proud of their endeavors.  The Godly leadership of all the ministries that are harbored by NSMN is truly a blessing!

I keep going to New Song because of the people. The love for Christ and the love for each other always inspires me while I am there. I give to New Song because I know my gifts are used to help families that have a real need and because I have made personal connections to some of those people. 

I love going to Nicaragua because I feel closer to God there, by being removed from the hustle and bustle of life at home. I give to New Song because I know the majority of my gift goes to those that need it most.