Sports Evangelism Intern


  • Able to Speak Spanish
  • Sports Background
  • Understanding of Rule and regulations related to said sports being played
  • Creative mind for the induction of new outreach methods for sports

Job Responsibilities:

  • Communicating with leadership of church and local community on important days for major sporting events.
  • The cleaning and maintaining of the sports equipment and field
  • Plan, host and sponsor major sporting events via the Newsong Field in which the Love of Jesus is the focus.
  • Using sports as the key, plan outreaches where the local community can come and participate in a related event or tournament for the sharing of the Gospel.
  • The heart to minister to those playing on the field throughout the workdays.
  • Expressing the Love of God both on and off the field.
  • Communicating with Stateside sponsor and carrying out the purpose