Small Group Sponsorship

Nov 25, 2020
Diego Norman
Do you have a…
Sunday school class
Bible study
Book club
Small group
Are you a…
Classroom teacher (who’s currently teaching online)
Homeschooling parent
If you are a teacher or homeschooling parent, it is a great way to introduce the kids to a new culture, new country, and a foreign language. We are happy to work with you to communicate back and forth with your student through letters.
If you are part of any type of small group, sponsoring a student is something that can be a great thing to do together. We love being able to tell students that not just one person is supporting them but an entire Sunday school class or Bible study. Times are hard to be able to get together right now, but sponsoring a student is something that can provide a sense of unity while you make a difference together.
We are trying to get at least 19 more students sponsored.

Would you help us by considering sponsoring a student with your group for $25/month?

+Benefits of sponsorship:
+School supplies throughout the year
+A high quality backpack
+Uniforms and school shoes twice a year
+Graduation costs
+Transportation costs (as needed)
+Weekly tutoring opportunities
+Mentorship, discipleship, and accountability 

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