SIX New Students Sponsored

Nov 21, 2020
Diego Norman
Thank You New Sponsors!
We are so excited to share that we have SIX new students sponsored!

This means that sponsorship staff personally visited the homes of six students to say that they have a sponsor. They told each of these six that they didn’t have to worry about school supplies for next year. Our staff collected their uniform sizes to be able to order them for the start of the year. It became official for these students.

Two of these students had immediate graduation costs that were due at the school. These students are graduating from 6th grade in December, which is a huge accomplishment here. Not everyone reaches that level. Without Limits Student Sponsorship covers the costs of graduation participation and these students were able to go directly and pay these fees. One mom told me, “We had no idea what we were going to do. It is a blessing from God.”

We still have 19 students who need sponsors!
Would you join us in supporting these students’ dreams?

For $25/month, you can sign up to begin sponsoring a student.

Join our team as a sponsor of one of our incredible students!
Or, if you already sponsor a student, tell your friends and family about us!

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