Short Term Mission’s Director

Short Term Mission’s Director (Will work under the direction of Diego)


  • Skilled in organization and logistics
  • Friendly and communicates well with teams
  • Able to speak Spanish

Job Responsibilities:

  • Manage and develop the GO website page including needed items they can bring to the base, daily costs, what to pack, what to expect etc.
  • Communicate with applicants
  • Select teams with Diego’s approval
  • Arrange transportation, lodging and interpretors for incoming teams
  • Provide appropriate structure to guide the team leader, developing activities and ministries according to New Songs time frame and specific needs
  • Communicate any necessary changes with short-term teams and long-term staff
  • Help Lisa and Diego with team orientation
  • Help incoming teams with arrival from the airport and orienting them on the trip home, to settling in the dorms and registering in accounting, through orientation and group planning.
  • Work alongside team leaders to facilitate daily plans
  • Oversee prayer and team devotions (if team leader does not)
  • Plan and lead fun day off activities to introduce teams to Nicaraguan tourist sites.

Contact us to apply for this position.