September 2020 Update

Sep 24, 2020
Diego Norman

Hello Sponsors!

This has been quite the strange year for us and for all of you, I am sure! Without Limits Student Sponsorship has been working hard to keep up with all of our students and check in to see how they are doing.

Nicaragua did not close schools so many of our students were faced with the difficult decision of whether or not they should attend class. According to our policy, students in our program are required to maintain a certain grade point average, are not allowed to fail for the year, and attendance is mandatory.

Student Sponsorship decided that that if a family did not send a student to school due to COVID-19, their sponsorship would NOT be in jeopardy even if their decision resulted in poor grades or even failing for the year. Many families decided not to send their students for a time.

Without Limits worked to provide packets of school supplies to students in a safe way. Some schools gave out worksheets for students to complete at home. Our tutors worked as hard as they were safely able to provide assistance with these worksheets. 

Our Student Sponsorship staff began meeting again together in August. It has been wonderful to get together and form a plan for how to finish the year well. We passed out packets of school supplies to every student and between our two directors, we met one-on-one with every single student or parent in our program.  We have also begun small group tutoring sessions in homes currently targeting the students most at risk. Mentorship, discipleship, and accountability have been the most important part of our program from day one.

As we look forward to what is to come, we know we can hope in a God who loves and cares for us and is present with us.

Please remember to email for any questions regarding your student. We would love to hear from you!