Jun 10, 2020
Diego Norman
Thank you from 160 Nicaraguan Families

We are passing through very challenging and difficult times in Nicaragua, yet we are encouraged as we have experienced many people draw near God and each other. They are praying for each other with such love and unity, that we are seeing healings and miracles. The faith of these humble people is inspirational and powerful!

Also, everyone who has contracted the Covid19 virus within our New Song network has been healed in a very short time of less than a week to one night! Although many are suffering with the loss of a family member or a neighbor, we are also amazed at the growth in His body. A new believer in New Song initiated an internet prayer group that has grown to over 90 people who interact all day long to encourage and intercede. People from other countries are finding out about this group and asking to join. They are drawn to the encouragement, inclusiveness, and love felt in this group.

Many people seriously have no food, no work, no money and are praying to God to help them feed their children. Because of our faithful partners, New Song Clinic was able to purchase $2000.00 of rice, beans, and oil to provide much needed help to 160 families the final day of May. The pastors and their leadership teams delivered 2 weeks worth of provisions during the torrential rains of Amanda, the first tropical storm of the season. So many have asked that we send thanks to those of you who God used to provide for them during this difficult time.

Isaiah 41:17- When the poor and needy search for water and there is none, and their tongues are parched from Christ, then I the Lord of Israel will answer them. I the God of Israel, will never forsake them.


There are reports ranging from 2,000 cases and 55 deaths to 7,000 cases and 1,200 deaths. Many hospitals are seeing their medics and staff quit due to lack of protection necessary. Thank you for your continued prayers.

Next step: We are planning a city wide sweep to bring His presence in worship, prayer and blessing. We plan to rent a truck and drive slowly through the city: worshiping Jesus, while praying healing and comfort over the people. We will be blessing the city with the presence of God. Thank you for your prayers for healing and for that help will be funneled from Heaven to each home.

May God bless each of you for helping play your part in such a needed and practical way. May He draw you near to Him and give you peace in time of such unrest in the US.

Jesus, help us love one another and deliver us from evil.

With love from New Song Clinic
and the 160 families who you made a difference for

People continue to respond to our annual fundraiser which is now at $34,500 of our $50,000 goal. Thank you again for those who supported in May, as well a s $3,000 more in June.