New Things in Store

Oct 31, 2020
Diego Norman
This year has been one for the books across the globe and Nicaragua is no different. Like many places, the pandemic has taken a toll on families financially. We decided to come alongside some of these families and help them with their children’s education. We do not want students to be forced to stop studying. We are adding new students to our sponsorship program as New Song Mission grows as a whole.

Pastor Saul and his wife, Yasmina, have been working in their community for several years. They are passionate, driven, and incredible examples. We have called their church the “La Isla” church, but in reality, it is in a small community called Manantial de Vida meaning “Fountain of Life.” Over the years, we have seen so much LIFE coming from their church. Sunday school and youth have grown significantly in numbers and in their faith. Saul and Yasmina are devoted to their community. Yasmina has told us how she would like to start a tutoring program for students (sponsored or unsponsored) because so many of their parents are unable to read and write. She wants to walk alongside them.

We hadn’t expanded sponsorship to Manantial de Vida because we, Without Limits, were restructuring and the church was in transition. However, we decided that THIS IS THE YEAR! Yasmina will serve as the sponsorship representative in her community, hosting tutoring classes, checking-in on students, and believing in their success. We already have the list of names and ages of 10 students who are faithful in the church and in school. None of them have sponsors yet.

For those of you who sponsor students already, thank you so much. We couldn’t do it without you. We are excited about how sponsorship is growing and wanted to share that with you! Is there anyone you know who would be interested in sponsoring in this community?

If you don’t already sponsor a student (or you would like to add a student or two), consider sponsoring a student from Manantial de Vida!

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