Music and Worship Leader Developmental Intern


  • Able to speak Spanish
  • Able to sing, dance or play an instrument…or all three at the same time.
  • Understands worship, biblically, and is able to teach, train and equip Nicaraguans to lead and grow within this area of ministry

Job Responsibilities:

  • Plan and delegate the worship experiences for both the American groupsvisiting and the Nicaraguan church services
  • Work with the Pastors and leadership of the church to organize worship nights, play in community services and organize music for special events
  • Train and equip Nicaraguans who have a passion for worship in singing and or playing an instrument
  • Hold practice sessions to build unity among the worship band
  • Seek out to find new youth or adults with a heart to worship and train them accordingly.It’s our Job as worship leaders to work ourselves out of a Job by equipping others to take up the responsibility and lead worship with courage and love.