Mobile Ministry

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Mobile Ministry Benevolence and Outreach: $3,500 Donate Now

We had never realized what a great evangelistic tool a truck would be until we tried it with Linda’s truck while she was in the States! The first time we only had 6-7 people who were willing to start with this dream but now 20-30 people are clamoring to participate, especially the youth!

Thanks for the truck provided in 2021 to the mission, our 2022 need is for maintenance, diesel, and benevolence we want to bless people with as we meet them in the streets and know their needs for food and health.

The communities are blessed with faith, hope, and prayer covering them corporately and individually, as we share the Love of Christ and the blessing of living aware of His presence.

And with so many new Christians participating on the Mobile Team, they are being discipled in real time – as they minister, just like Jesus did with His disciples, and the Apostles did as the church began in the first century.

We receive more than we give in this impactful ministry, but we need our own truck! Will you help us?

God used the difficulties of Covid19 to birth the most amazing new ministry that we would never have thought of but He pushed us out of the building, to the people where the need is great and the field is fertile. Many people have responded to God’s love and have put their faith in Christ.

Jesus took His disciples on tours to show them how to heal the sick, feed the people and liberate them from the works of the devil. The faith and the passion of our leaders and the zeal of our youth together have been a live-giving bomb, in all 6 communities, to bring people to God.  Every week the amount of people who want to participate increases. Usually 20-30 people walk with the truck or worshipping in the truck as others go and pray and encourage those who invite us into their yards, homes, and hearts.