Monday Motivation: Come to Me!

Jan 04, 2021
Diego Norman

MONDAY MOTIVATION: Come to ME, ALL OF YOU who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I WILL GIVE YOU REST!

When Jesus said that, He was making us a promise. A promise He intended to keep. A promise He has kept for 2000+ years, including 2020, and a promise for 2021 as well.

And a promise that He will always keep. That promise was HIMSELF. He is humble and gentle at heart, and we will find rest for our souls IN HIM ALONE. He is our rest, and He continues to offer us HIMSELF/REST/PEACE in every moment.

When the clock struck midnight, and the new year began the trials and challenges of the last year did not disappear or cease to exist. And we were never promised a life without pain, trials, and burdens in this world.

On the contrary, we were promised a life with all of those things, “in this world you WILL HAVE trouble” but the greater promise was Jesus will be, and is, with us in ALL THINGS!

We do not have to face them alone, and we can take heart, because HE HAS OVERCOME THIS WORLD. All of these promises are so that in HIM we may have PEACE.

We hope that in this new year, all of you will join us in finding REST in REST ITSELF, JESUS THE CHRIST who has asked us, and continues to ask us to COME TO HIM.