Meet Our Team

Nov 07, 2020
Diego Norman
Our sponsorship team has grown a lot in the last few years and we wanted to introduce you! The main thing that makes our program different from other, bigger sponsorship programs, is that it is PERSONAL. We have staff members in each community who personally know your students. They care about them and deeply want to see them succeed.
Meet our whole sponsorship staff:

Below is our staff that primarily works in Santa Matilde and Candelaria. Left to right: Estefany, Claudia, Gissell, Gabriela (our sponsorship director), Paola, Jose, Silvia.

Our Nuevo Amanecer staff. Left to right: Guadalupe, Jonathan, Allison.
Guadalupe and Allison just started with us and we are so excited to have them!

This is Jasmina. She just started working with our team as we open student sponsorship up in La Isla (Manantial de Vida) for the first time!

Join our team as a sponsor of one of our incredible students!
Or, if you already sponsor a student, tell your friends and family about us!

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And, of course, the bloopers! Because we have too much fun!