God wants you to SEE THIS!

Sep 29, 2020
Diego Norman

and by THIS, we mean HIM!

September Mission Update

After months of online and distant ministry our churches are energized and excited to be out in the communities! In mid-August, we began opening phases of each ministry with precautions and 1-time per week gatherings. We are grateful that things continue to improve here and in September we have been able to increase activity to about 90% (of our March ministry load).

For years, our mission has always taught and encouraged the church to get out of their buildings and reach people where they are at. When safety measures caused us to quarantine in homes and relate virtually, the desire to commune and fellowship like God always intended the church (like we see in Acts) grew and grew.


Now because of the lack of real community, the yearning has birthed beautiful outreach. For the past 3 weeks we have gone out in each community 2-3 times per week with our Mobile Ministry team. With truck, speakers, and a goal to encourage people are being reminded that God sees them, He loves loves them, and we are His beloved! The local leadership in each community visits and prays over houses, home businesses, and families, and when people step out into the street they are receiving personal prayer and blessings over their health, families, and needs.


Our other ministries, which have operated by phone, online platforms, and limited office hours have increased hours to full time as well. The children’s feeding programs are growing, baseball is in full swing, and students are giving their best to finish the year (November) and pass into their next grade. Read the sponsorship update here. After helping by phone and with food provisions in June & July, the clinic has seen over 290 patients in each August and September. Learn more about the clinic pivot here.      


The love and intentionality of our leadership partnering with the fertile ground has given us great success. All of our ministries and strategies are focused around the words above (on clinic picture): Jesus Christ is the center of all we do, believe, and live. We exist to make Him known and see Him transform lives, communities, and nations.

In September alone: New Song has witnessed to hundreds, led 20 acceptations of Christ, and baptized five.

Thanks for continuing to support us through prayer and entrusting us with your contributions, to see these great ministries continue. We love, miss, and appreciate you all. We are grateful that you choose to follow us as it is great encouragement to continue the race!

You can see daily New Song posts here.
 God pour out Your grace upon grace as we all navigate the current challenges and divisions in this world. Align us and develop our trust in You and knowing Your goodness through it all!

We miss you all & love you so much!