End of 2018

Jan 02, 2019

December means the end of the school year and graduations here in Nica! Students finished up their school year at the end of November and we celebrated many of our students graduating from elementary and high school.

 I am so proud of these students. Every year. Every year, I think that it can’t get better. We continue to have more and more students graduating from high school and many who are the first in their families to do so. This year, our program saw a rise in overall grades!

We worked hard this year to improve our tutoring program and get more students connected with university student tutors. We still have a ways to go and many more things to learn, but it was encouraging to see improvement.

Without Limits continues to see the importance of accountability in our program. Backpacks and school supplies are essential tools, but nothing compared to having people on your side. We strive to build relationships with our students and for them to know that we believe in all they can do. We are always on the side of our students even when they don’t think so. We push them to be better people and to do more than they ever thought they could. Some students have never before been told they are smart and that’s not something they can believe the first time hearing it. It takes years. Years walking alongside students, children, teenagers, even parents. As we look back over the years, we are so proud of how our students have grown and how they continue to do so.