How Does 3+3=7? Without Limits can Explain!

Oct 24, 2020
Diego Norman

In 2020, we will double high school graduations of the past seven years. Those 3 (over 7) + 3 (this year) is a 700% INCREASE!

Student sponsorship is a beautiful thing. It allows sponsors to feel connected to us, to New Song, and to Nicaragua. It helps students feel believed in. Sometimes our staff and the sponsor are the only people a student has on their side, cheering them on. Sometimes they have parents who love them but don’t know how to support their studies. And sometimes they are just forgotten. 

Seven years ago, Without Limits began tutoring classes in Santa Matilde. Santa Matilde is one of New Song’s outreach communities where we noticed that the education levels of the parents in this community were, on average, much lower than our other areas. Many of them cannot read or write. Our students had poor grades, didn’t understand what they were learning, and most were dropping out before high school graduation. Some were dropping out before they finished elementary school. We decided that we would begin weekly tutoring classes in this community to see if it would help. We started focusing on our elementary school students because, at the time, we didn’t have a lot of high school students. 

Throughout those seven years, we only had THREE students graduate from high school. We try to communicate with sponsors how much is against these students. It is easy to think that given all the school supplies, they will be successful. It just isn’t the case. Students need so much more than that. They need to be regularly supported, encouraged, prayed for, and believed in. 

That first group of elementary age students is growing up. This year, in December, we will celebrate the high school graduations of THREE students. In one year, we will double the graduations of the past seven years. In 2021, we will see FIVE students graduate. We hope that regular mentorship will encourage our students to keep going. 

We can’t say what makes sponsorship work or not work. However, our staff at Without Limits Student Sponsorship understands the importance of showing up. Of mentorship. Of encouraging our students. 

You can be a part of this!
We remind students daily that we believe in them and their sponsor believes in them as well. 

Sponsoring a student is $25/month and we have a goal to add 25 more students! 

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