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Pastor Saul is the youngest pastor of the 6 churches. He pastors in a community known as “the city of widows.” Saul began with New Song as a 12 year old in our first Sunday School. 17 years later, he completed college, works for the Health Dept., and is married with 2 children. He is a man of passion, integrity and wisdom who carries a strong calling. He has recently asked for a demotion in his job and pay to have more freedom to serve in his church.

The church building is under construction on a dirt floor, but Pastor Saul and his church bring hope, love and life to the community. His heart is full of compassion for the addicts on the corner and they go there to offer encouragement and something to eat while they visit with them. They visit in the homes to know their neighbors and share the love of Jesus. When they share their needs, prayed and encouragement flow.

$5,000.00 Construction (Roof)
$1,000.00 Feeding 20 Children 1-Weekly
$ 800.00 Emergency Benevolence Hunger
$ 500.00 Youth Ministry
$ 500.00 Emergency Benevolence Health
$ 400.00 Marriage Ministry
$ 400.00 Men Street/Addiction Ministry

$8,600.00 Rivers of Living Water Total

The members of the River of Life Church give from their hearts weekly from the little they have to help buy and bring a brick to each service to build their own walls. They all participate to help bring the Kingdom of God and hope to their community.

A hand up to a powerful young Pastor

Pastor Saul is a man of vision, who wants to reach out to his community with the love of Christ. We want to give his church a hand up as the members have worked hard to get their building almost finished. All donations to support this construction will be matched. He needs $5000.00 total. What part of this can you help with?

Posted by New Song Mission Nicaragua on Friday, December 13, 2019