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  • To teach our New Song Youth to love God and each other.
  • To go out , build relationships and invite youth to events. 
  • To encourage new young people, who join us, to begin their own spiritual search with us, have studies, share with them and enjoy a comfortable atmosphere, sharing snacks.

Currently New Song Church does not have musical instruments, although we have talented young people with musical talents and others who are hungry to learn. The youth want to form a band to reach their generation for Jesus, to make new disciples of Christ. “We want to reach more people for Christ in activities outside the church, and music is very influential to attract more people to Jesus. We have people with talent and we just need the tools to further expand the message of Jesus through of this ministry.”

Our youth are on fire for Jesus. They are talented and super energetic and passionate to share their faith with their generation. You can help them by providing the necessary tools. Our talented young generation wants to form a Christian band to reach their generation for Christ. Will you join their passion and help us gather $4000.00 for musical instruments and equipment?

$3,000.00 Audio Equipment and Instruments (Youth Band)
$2,000.00 Feeding 70 kids 1-Weekly
$1,000.00 Youth Ministry
$1,000.00 Sunday School Children’s Ministry
$500.00 Emergency Benevolence Hunger
$500.00 Emergency Benevolence Health
$400.00 Construction (Repairs)

$8,400.00 New Song Church Total

Currently, the general population of youth feel lost. They have many spiritual needs; lack of identity of who they really are and in what way God sees them. We want to show them the real truth about Jesus as we include them as friends where we have the opportunity to touch their lives through dramas, dances created by New Song youth. We have times of training from the Word, intimate adoration, a time where we can share food and thoughts and many other activities where they can leave, full of love and the abundant life that they can have in Jesus.