In Honor of Evelyn Dixon

May 10, 2015


Mom, we’re so grateful for you and the incredible mother you have been to us. You love us so well and so unconditionally and we love you back more than words can say. We honor and celebrate you on this Mother’s Day! -The Dixon Family

Mom – I know you say you don’t need to be put up on a pedestal for one day a year, but we’re doing it anyway. The fact is I’m just really grateful to have you as a mom, and you’re so worthy of celebrating and honoring today and every day. I’ve learned so much from you and wouldn’t be the man I am today without your positive influence. For as long as i can remember I’ve been able to just simply talk to you about life, no matter what, and that is one of the most valuable things a child can have. I’m so thankful for the tremendous love and support you’ve shown and continue to show me. Happy Mother’s Day! -Evan

Evelyn- you’re such a thoughtful and kind woman. You offer great ideas and advice. I’m so grateful for all you do for me and your family. You really do a lot for anyone you know. I’m so glad that I will get to call you Mother-in-law. I love you! -Hannah

Submitted by the Dixon family


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