Emergency Family Benevolence

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Often people have no one with whom to share their hearts, fearing gossip and judgment. Close friendships outside the family are unusual. Home visits offer people a safe place to share, with people who truly care about them and will keep everything in confidence. During these times of outreach, our goal is to leave everyone we meet in better condition than when we found them. In each visit, we offer time, concern, and a listening ear. Often people are eager to share about a problem or difficulty in their lives. We seek the Lord in prayer and hope to provide for biggest needs physically.

Through visitation, members can assess hunger and health needs. There are also expenses for funeral and wake costs.
2021 need for all six churches $3,650 GIVE HERE

Through love we build relationships with those we meet. Out in the villages and in the homes, you see the hurt, the pain, the brokenness, the unloved and dying spirits of the people. We make our goal to take the love of Jesus and spread it as far and wide as we can. Directed by the Holy Spirit, we follow, pray and see lives changed. Hearts have been healed and people have come to know the Lord as a result of a visit in their homes. The elderly and ill know that they are not forgotten by God or by His people. The lonely have been encouraged and comforted, and those with problems have learned that God’s Word speaks to the issues in their lives. Most importantly, God is glorified, and His love is shown through this ministry.