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New Song Clinic is a private, non-profit medical and dental clinic arm of the Kingdom of God, bringing the love of Christ to impoverished families in Chichigalpa. We offer quality, affordable care through the skills of Nicaraguan professionals, doctors, dentists and medical specialists. We are open to the public Monday through Friday 8 to 5 and Saturdays 8 to 12. We offer the following services: general medicine, internal medicine, pediatrics, ultrasound, gynecology, orthopedic surgeon, Neurosurgeon and 2 dentists and orthodontics. We support our Pastors with medical outreaches into their communities,specialist medical outreaches as well as opening up new communities to the gospel with this great help.

God has poured out love and help to many in pain and sickness through New Song Clinic. It has become a beacon of hope in our city. We are reaching out for partners to jump into what God is doing here. We would be able to help more people with more partners. Please consider joining our team by setting up a monthly contribution through our donate button. TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER!

Posted by New Song Mission Nicaragua on Wednesday, March 20, 2019

New Song Dental Clinic is inviting 12 US Dentists to partner with us. Just $100.00/month from each practice would help us continue to serve our area with much needed dental care in Chichigalpa, Nicaragua.~~~~~~~~~~Please help us by tagging or sharing this video with your dentist or a local Dental study club. Thank you for helping us find our team! To learn more about New Song Clinic, visit

Posted by New Song Mission Nicaragua on Sunday, March 10, 2019

Partnering with US brothers and sisters funnels much needed resources through New Song Clinic to send us out into rural areas of Nicaragua with loving, quality dental and medical care for children with great need. Please pray about how you want to support this powerful ministry in our 72 hour annual fundraiser April 10th-12th. BONUS- the first $5000.00 of donations will be doubled!!!

Posted by New Song Mission Nicaragua on Friday, April 5, 2019


New Song Clinic is the fulfillment of a dream birthed in the hearts of two Dental Hygienists in 2006 in order to bring the love of God in a practical way to the community. When we had nothing, God said, ”I want you to build a Dental Clinic.” Against all odds, they began raising money with the dream of providing preventive and restorative dental care for those who could least afford it. Little by little, God provided buildings, equipment, and staff for the dental clinic and warehouse.

Because of to the vast medical needs in the community and the provision of a 40 foot medical supply container in 2008, New Song Clinic expanded, adding a pharmacy, a doctor of general medical, and five specialists (gynecology, internal medicine, pediatrics, ultrasound, orthodontics).
New Song hosted the only private medical and dental clinic with a pharmacy in Candelaria. Our dental department has the reputation of loving, gentle hands, serving the community with the love of Jesus in a professional manner and at an affordable price. Our specialists are Nicaraguan servants who partner with us to provide much needed services for their own people.

New Song Clinic moved it’s services to the people in the middle of the 6 churches in July 2016, as the poor roads and distance from all of the churches have made it difficult for patients to come to us. We now offer over 4000 dental and medical services each year and are well know and respected in our city. To God be praise and honor!

  • To offer quality dental and health ministry with Nicaraguan professionals carrying the love of Christ to help their own people at an affordable price.
  • To support our pastors with access for them to provide health care to their 6 communities
  • To open up new areas to take the gospel through meeting health needs in new communities
  • To collaborate with medical specialists to provide quality care for specific and urgent medical needs, that would otherwise be unavailable.
  • To have a fund to provide medicine for the adults and youth without resources, in benevolence
  • To promote medical brigades and weekly ministry to serve the urgent needs that the Pastors are facing in their communities.
  • To create a dental/ medical specialist clinic to serve the people and support ministry alongside of our Pastors.
  • To offer quality medical specialists care: Ultrasound, Internist, Pediatrician, Gynecologist, Neurologist, orthopedic surgeon and orthodontist to provide for the needs of the poor.
  • To host an annual fundraiser, in April, to support the ministries of the clinic.
  • $5,000.00 To add the services that we can provide the city with better equipment and conditions
  • $5000.00 Annual Adult Benevolence Fund

This man had been praying to God for 3 days because his kids had been sick and this particular day they had spent the whole night with a really high fever. The father got up at 3 am to pray to God asking for an answer and that day at 9 am we led a medical brigade to his community. Because of generous donors, our doctor was able to attend his 2 kids and provide all the medicine they needed. He was crying and giving thanks to God for his awesome answer.

A neighbor let us know that New Song Clinic is a great blessing to the entire city. The favor that God has given us makes the True Gospel attractive and brings glory to Jesus.

The Mayor’s office collaborates with us to help the Disabled Community of 400 people in Chichigalpa. This need has opened up a good working relationship with our local government.

Our Psychologist and Christian Counselor is lifting people up out of the pit of despair from abandonment, sexual abuse, and domestic violence and getting them back on their feet through his visits with the Pastors. Lives are being changed and these people are bringing their friends for help.