Youth Discipleship

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We offer youth discipleship for teenagers ages 13-19. We desire to see these teenagers reach their full potential. We long for them to understand the fullness of the Lord’s love for them, walk in wholeness and healing, and live forth their unique Kingdom purposes. New Song offers weekly Bible teachings. Each week we meet for a time of games, worship, and exploring God’s Word together. Our teaching focus on the character of God, our identity as His sons and daughters, and practical application of Biblical truth. Our staff desires to walk alongside the youth through relational discipleship. Our youth leaders focus one building deep relationships with the youth by spending time in their homes, praying and reading the Word together, offering advice in their personal lives, believing in and helping them achieve their dreams, and demonstrating lives surrendered to God. We strive to be an example of Christ in our daily lives among these youth. We believe that as they fall passionately in love with God, His Spirit will completely restore their hearts and transform their lives. New Song desires to see teenagers first come to know Jesus in a deep and intimate way that brings forth full redemption in their lives and then empower them to step into ministry within the church and to reach their community with the beautiful love of Christ that first called them out of brokenness and into life.

Student Sponsorship

Mission Statement: We desire to empower children and youth to achieve their dreams and passions by removing barriers that prevent education and by opening doors for higher education. Walking hand-in-hand with them in the process, we are creating an atmosphere where they can dream and their gifts can be cultivated. Bringing both physical and spiritual nourishment, we aspire to see them press beyond the lies of meager possibility and discover the fullness of their potential. We try to encourage and equip children and youth, supporting them as they work their own way out of poverty. In result, our vision is to see them develop and pursue better job opportunities for a self-sustaining, prosperous future.

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Sponsor-A-Student Plan:

All children that are actively involved in our church community are eligible for the Sponsor program. We currently have nearly 400 children, teenagers, and young adults who are a part of our church family in Candelaria, Santa Matilde, Nuevo Amanecer, and La Isla.

We desire to help each of these students dream for a better future. Our sponsorship program empowers students to study consistently, graduate high school, and pursue higher education so that they may be able to attain better job opportunities and rise from the poverty that surrounds them.

The Process:

Requirements: All children that are actively involved in our church community are eligible for the Sponsor program. Once a child has been selected and desires to remain in the program, they must maintain consistent attendance in school as well as church activities.

  1. Faithful church attendance.
  2. Students must remain in school if they desire to continue their sponsorship.
  3. Need base: There are many children within the community who are waiting sponsorship to attend school. Children are selected for sponsorship according to their family’s needs. However, if you already know the child that you would like to sponsor and they are available for sponsorship, please contact us.

What are the benefits?

Of money given to the sponsorship program, 85% goes directly to the children and their families through the provision of educational materials, medical care and medication, or help at home (house repairs, clothes, etc.) for families facing the direst of financial situations. The remaining 15% covers administrative fees for the program, including wire transfer charges and transportation costs for buying school supplies.

Education: Each sponsored student receives uniform, shoes, and backpack twice a year (once at the beginning of the school year and again in the middle of the year). Additionally, sponsored students will receive school supplies and help with project fees, as well as help for special events such as graduation and top student celebrations. Students who are struggling in their classes have access to weekly tutoring here at New Song.

Health Care: Basic Medical and Health Care will be provided through the New Song Clinic. Eyeglasses are also provided as needed.

Spiritual Nurture: We believe that the poverty of spirit which results in loss of self-esteem is more detrimental to our children than physical poverty alone. Student sponsorship with its personal connections and relationships promotes hope and builds confidence in each child and youth involved. Sponsored students are actively involved in our Sunday school program or youth Bible studies, where they are being discipled and growing in their faith. Additionally, the sponsorship staff and local pastors visit with our sponsored students and their families, monitoring their progress and building relationships with each child.

You can sponsor a child for $25/month.

Sunday School

Each of our four New Song churches has a weekly Sunday school program to focus on the spiritual formation of the children in our community. We are teaching are students from the Word of God each week. We long to see these children know the Lord’s heart toward them, see His redemptive plan, experience His love, and learn to walk with Him.

Our four Sunday school programs serve nearly 400 children ages 2-15. These children come each Sunday morning to sing praises, play games, and learn Bible stories and biblical principles.

We long for our children to learn who the Lord is and to live honestly and humbly with love for the Lord and for one another. We focus on characteristics of God, His redemptive work to offer us salvation, and teaching the children how the Lord wants us to live in love with one another.

Our largest Sunday school program is at our hub church in Candelaria. There are anywhere between 120-180 children who come to Sunday school at Canto Nuevo in Candelaria each Sunday morning.

There are 10 Sunday school teachers who are all youth and young adults from the church. The Sunday school teachers meet each week with our Sunday School Director and one of our pastors for Bible lessons and Sunday school planning. Through these meetings, the Sunday school teachers are growing in their knowledge of the Word and working together to create enjoyable Sunday school programs for their students.

I am growing so much as a Sunday school teacher. I find myself reading the Word more, not only to prepare for my class, but for myself. I find that as I teach the children, I am also teaching myself.” -Mauricio Ramos, Sunday school teacher in Candelaria

Each week, the children in Candelaria are divided into small age-based classes. These small classes become a source of discipleship and a type of family for the children. Many of the children say that their closest friends are from their Sunday school classes. Through these small groups, we are developing true sense of community with the Sunday school teachers and their students. The teachers truly care about their students. They become a listening ear for them when they are facing personal problems. They laugh and play with their students both during Sunday school and in the community during the week. They reach out to families when they are struggling.

Sunday school at New Song Mission is striving to teach the children in our community about the love of God, to be a part of their individual spiritual formation, and to create a family of believers that embodies the love of Christ.