We feel that worship is such a crucial part of ministry. Worship brings an atmosphere to the services, youth meetings, and events that we hold on a weekly basis. It breaks barriers and creates a mood of love and acceptance that one can only find between Father and child. With the traditional worship of Nicaraguan church services, we try to incorporate a variety of worship forms.

Through dance, dramas, painting, MP3 worship, traditional, and modern worship, there are many forms for the individual to experience. We are in the process of possibly holding music classes for the person who feels a desire to express themselves through the form of playing an instrument.

We do not believe worship is something that should be dismissed as an unimportant, second rate act the church performs; instead it is something that creates an atmosphere for the Lord’s presence to inhabit. We believe worship to be just as important as the service itself. We try to make worship a time where anyone can express themselves. Youth participate regularly as well as some of the elder members too. Expressing your love for the King along with the rest of your church family, nothing is better.