Women’s Discipleship

Women's DiscipleshipWomen in Nicaragua are affected by machismo, a belief that men are superior to women, which brings devastating consequences to their lives. Many women are or have been victims of domestic violence and/or sexual abuse. For many of them, it started in childhood. It is common for a woman to have her first child as an adolescent. It is also common for couples to cohabitate instead of marry, leading to a high rate of abandonment. It is not unusual to see a woman with three children from three different fathers. Even in families that are healthy, women work extremely hard to take care of all the household chores, care for children, and sometimes work outside the home as well.

Many women feel lonely but are not willing to share their hearts with someone else for fear of gossip, which runs rampant, even in the church. Often they feel they have no one they can trust.

The five goals of our ministry are that women:

  • Learn what the Bible teaches about their intrinsic worth and value as women, to counteract the culture of machismo
  • Grow stronger in their relationship with Christ
  •  Form trusting friendships with other women
  • Serve the Lord in their relationships with their husband, family and neighbors
  • Discover their spiritual gifts and use them to glorify the Lord


We present monthly Bible studies to share the truth of God’s Word with 3 mature women from each church on subjects that are relevant to the women’s lives. They are then asked to go and teach these Bible topics to the women in each church.