Our student sponsorship program, Without Limits, seeks to remove the barriers that prevent education and empower students to succeed in school and to achieve their dreams. We provide the necessary tools for our students to be able to study consistently as well as providing additional support in their classes and personal discipleship. We believe that education is a key component to seeing lasting change in our community, as our graduates are able to attain better job opportunities and rise from the poverty that surrounds them.

We have named our program Without Limits because we believe that our students have boundless potential. Our desire is to walk alongside them and to help them reach their full potential, through education and personal discipleship, so that they are able to have a future that is without limits.


Primary School Student
$25per month
  • Sponsorship provides:
  • Required uniforms, shoes, school supplies, tutoring, mentoring, and accountability.
Secondary School Student
$25per month
  • Sponsorship provides:
  • Required uniforms, shoes, school supplies, tutoring, mentoring, and accountability.
University Student
$100per month
  • Sponsorship provides:
  • Tuition, transportation, school supplies, mentoring, and accountability.

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Our goal is that students feel supported and empowered to do the best that they can without the worry of not having the resources needed to succeed.

Your sponsorship provides:

  • Uniforms
  • School shoes
  • Backpacks
  • School supplies throughout the year
  • Access to internet cafes for class research
  • Participation in school activities
  • Graduation costs for elementary and high school
  • Access to tutoring
  • Transportation costs when needed
  • Assistance with medical emergencies
  • Accountability-Sponsorship staff requires each student to submit their quarterly report cards. This allows us to praise students who are doing exceptionally and challenge those who need to put forth a better effort in their classes. Our one-on-one approach helps your student feel loved and encouraged to do their best.


How much money goes to my student?

At New Song, we want to empower people and provide the resources our students need for success. Without Limits strives to be transparent and faithful with your giving. We value your generosity and believe that you are making a difference in our communities. We pledge that 84% of your money will go directly to student programs and activities.

Goods not money

Sponsorship staff works hard to make sure each student has what he/she needs for school regardless of their family situation. As much as possible, students receive goods instead of a monetary amount. This ensures that your support is used exactly how it was intended to be.


In order for our students to succeed, the materials they receive must last for the school year. Without Limits promises to provide resources such as school supplies, backpack, and uniforms that are good quality to your student. Sponsorship staff seeks advice from locals who help with the purchasing and choosinxog of these items.

Will I get to communicate with my student?

Absolutely! We want our students to be encouraged by as many people as possible! This is a great way to show your student how much you love and believe in him/her. Our students love to hear about the lives of their sponsors as well.

Your student will write a letter when they are first sponsored and then will write IN RESPONSE to letters that you, as his/her sponsor, send. We want to help build relationships between the students and their sponsors. Students have a hard time constantly writing letters to have no reply. Your encouragement is just as important as the monetary donation you are making.

Things to include to your student:

  • Who you are
  • Photos of your family
  • Questions to your student about his/her life
  • Remember: Your student speaks only Spanish. Letters will be translated by sponsorship staff.

Please remember that mailed letters take a long time to pass to and from Nicaragua and do not expect a quick reply. However, you can also email a letter to sponsorship@newsongnica.org and a response letter will be mailed to you.

Letters can be mailed to:

New Song Mission Nicaragua
RE: Without Limits
4154 Shearon Farms Ave #106
Wake Forest, NC 27587

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