September 4 Media Week In Review

Sep 04, 2016
What happened to yesterday? It is already September! ¬†Another week’s behind us, and in case you missed something, we have collected it here for you to enjoy.

 One day every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus is Lord! #SportsMinistry

Our clinic is entering its second full month in its new location. We are thankful that it is able to provide multiple services in the love of Christ. Full time services include: dentistry & orthodontistry, general medicine, pharmacy, massage therapy, and Christian counseling. We also have specialists available for laboratory, ultrasound, pediatricy, gynecology, and internal medicine. God is good!


We are so proud of these youth who have stepped up into leadership positions in Sunday school! They have found such joy working with the children, and we have seen their hearts come more alive as they serve.#escueladominical #youthempowerment


A couple weeks ago, Charlie’s schedule didn’t allow him to keep working with the street boys in Candelaria. We asked the boys to pray for God to send men who would love them and the Lord brought Emil, Lenin, and Luis before the next Friday. The group is smaller, but intensely interested. These new leaders are teaching the pure gospel with love and faithfulness.

Impacting Nicaragua by teaching grace and the New Covenant.