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Walter Varela has been around New Song since the church’s inception in 2002. He said that he thought I will go to this church and see if God will love me. Upon hearing the Gospel, he responded in tears and repentance and a new life began. He became a disciple. He married the mother of his children. He was baptized. He began visiting villages to share the love of Christ he experienced not long ago.

After intense discipleship from New Song leadership, he was asked to become a leader in the church, and today he is the pastor of New Song’s first outreach church in Santa Matilde. He strongly desires to continue learning the Bible, sharing the love of God with those in Santa Matilde and fully embracing the love and forgiveness of the New Covenant that Christ offers. He wants to see the church transformed by this life-giving truth and he wants Nicaraguans to be able to enjoy God, not feel shamed by him.

Pastor Walter

$4,000.00 Feeding 100 kids 3-Weekly Thank God, this need has been met
$1,000.00 Emergency Benevolence Hunger
$1,000.00 Emergency Benevolence Health (Elderly)
$ 500.00 Youth Ministry

$6,500.00 Fountain of Life Church Total

They are organizing to equip their different groups to prepare to be more effective to reach out into their community to serve the needs of the people. His strategy is to begin small but real. He and Claudia are visiting the neighbors to find a couple or a family who are open to having them come once a week for an hour to get to know each other and then look at what Jesus taught together. They are finding some rich and real conversations and building relationships and confidence of the people within their natural setting, instead of trying to get them into the church building.

They are leading by example and are training their leaders of each group to begin to do the same. Walter plans to begin with training for his youth in Drama and dance to give the youth something positive to do together and give them something to draw the attention of other youth. He also has a small children’s feeding program, but he wants to expand to feed more children and develop trust and relationships with them and their families.