Pastor Carlos

Pastor Carlos Quintera of Buenas Nuevas Church is a local pastor who understood the message of grace in a culture that believes in works and law. He stood alone for years, under persecution, continuing to love and preach the gospel of grace. This past year New Song was honored to have him become a part of our organization. He brings such local wisdom and strength to us all. He loves children and cries out to God for their needs and God honors him. He loves visiting to love people and to tell them of how God loves them and to encourage them with real love. He loves evangelism and pours his heart of to help people come into the Kingdom of God and receive eternal life. His church building has been built little by little by faith and love

Pastor Carlos discovered the truth of the message of Grace through his own frustration trying to live under the legalism of the religious culture in Nicaragua. He began to experience his own transformation as he put his faith in God to change him from the inside out. He began to preach a different message than before and receive a concerted opposition from the churches around him. New Song invited him to work together with us and he and his church have been a great blessing to us.

He loves evangelism and home visits and he mobilizes his member to go 2 by 2 and share love with their neighbors weekly.

Proverbs 22:6

The Good News Church

Children and Teenagers Ministries

 In Nicaragua due to the high occur-rence of dysfunctional homes we have one of the youngest reproductive groups starting from the age of 15 years old, a lot of this could be avoid-ed and prevented by investing in a education centered in Gods word.

Fortunately we are in a position here in which we have the access to this vulnerable group as they are open to our invitations to the different church events we host. Thankfully we still have access to most of the schools to teach these kids about the abundant life they can have through Jesus. touching their lives through serving in After school programs and field trips where we challenge them to put into practice what they have learned through God’s word, through dances, drama, and many other activities.

Allowing us to reach out to our Children, from their early years when they are still in that stage of life where we can influ-ence them with God’s word.

In this part of our Ministry we face a challenge, a sad truth which is that for many of the kids we get to share Christ with every Sunday eating well is not an option and here we get the chance to teach them how to feed themselves well and share with them nutrition through a little refreshment combined with the powerful moringa powder which gives them a lot of nutrients that they normally wouldn’t have in a weekly basis. Every Sun-day about 50 kids spend 2 hours with us and we al-ways try to feed them some as our capacities allow us to each time.

Youth Ministry

Our Youth Ministry meets every Monday evening to learn about topics that will help them face the daily challenges, have a time of fellowship sharing a little snack and have fun playing soccer or other group games they love
doing. Some times they practice dance, drama, or just go out to have a soccer afternoon and other activities.

We try to have at least one youth camp every year, (is more like a little 1 day retreat) but in that day we take them off campus and have them play games, make groups, bring friends, participate in competitions which they love as at that age they are very competi-tive, all of that combined with a central message either forgiveness or God’s plan of Salvation, or a topic that can easily be digested by them and that will help them in their walk with Jesus. from these “camps” we reach out to our youth friends and friends of friends and introduce them to Christ! each time we’ve done it we take about 60 students with us.

Leaders and Evangelism Ministries

Our Evangelism program includes consistent follow up with the leaders we’re developing, through practical training like visitation, door to door evangelism, street evangelism, and community work which are the ways that better fit our communities.

There are so many people around us hungry for Jesus and sometimes all it takes is for someone to talk to them and they will be eager to ask so many questions because of their need for Jesus. That’s why we take it very seriously when it comes to reaching out the lost, by going to their communities, neighborhoods, and streets.

Every quarter we host Discipleship and Evangelism workshops for about 20 people there we open the opportunity to all those church members who haven’t had the chance to serve God on this vital part of our calling to jump in on a fresh start and to those who are already doing it gives them the opportunity to recalibrate and get a little push in their service to our Lord.

In the name of our Congregation we want to thank you for giving us the opportunity to present our church’s main projects to you as we look forward to continue expanding God’s kingdom together, as He tells us in.
“Do not be afraid, little flock, for your Father has been pleased to give you the kingdom.” Luke 12:3