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Pastor Carlos Quintero of Buenas Nuevas Church is a local pastor who understood the message of grace in a culture that believes in works and law. He stood alone for years, under persecution, continuing to love and preach the gospel of grace.

Pastor Carlos discovered the truth of the message of Grace through his own frustration trying to live under the legalism of the religious culture in Nicaragua. He began to experience his own transformation as he put his faith in God to change him from the inside out. He began to preach a different message than before and receive a concerted opposition from the churches around him. New Song invited him to work together with us and he and his church have been a great blessing to us.

$ 440.00 Leadership & Evanglism Workshops
$ 520.00 Youth Ministry
$ 300.00 Emergency Benevolence Hunger
$ 500.00 Emergency Benevolence Health
$ 565.00 Transport & Communication
$ 575.00 Construction (Repairs)

$2,900.00 2022 Good News Church Total

He brings such local wisdom and strength to us all. He loves children and cries out to God for their needs and God honors him. He loves visiting to love people and to tell them of how God loves them and to encourage them with real love. He loves evangelism and pours his heart of to help people come into the Kingdom of God and receive eternal life. His church building has been built little by little by faith and love.

He loves evangelism and home visits and he mobilizes his member to go 2 by 2 and share love with their neighbors weekly.