Pastor Bismark

Bismark Tellez - New Song NicaraguaFor twenty years, Bismark Tellez had worked in churches around Chichigalpa, always striving, working, and feeling the burden of being a Christian until he met Pastor Walter. Walter brought him to leadership training at New Song and there, Bismark understood the New Covenant. Today he is more excited than ever for the love of God and has a great desire to make disciples in his community.

In 2010 he became the pastor of the New Song outreach church in Nuevo Amanecer, and his church now is thriving with almost 100 people! The youth sector is alive and growing with 25 youth that are excited about their part of building the Kingdom of God!

Pastor Bismark and his family do not have much money, and his church is very humble as well. He dreams one day of having a structure that they can meet in and also having a sports field to host the youth in the area so the church can offer alternatives in the neighborhood besides drugs and alcohol.

Pastor Bismark also has a huge heart for the children of Nuevo Amanecer. Many of them can’t afford to attend school and there are children that often are without food. He has three children of his own, which makes his heart all the more willing to see these children cared for. Bismark can often be found visiting church members and neighbors, praying for them, talking about the love of Jesus and serving them in any way he can. He desires to be able to give food to the children in his church who are hungry.