Our Purpose

kids-with-adultsTo minister to the poor communities of Nicaragua and to make a difference in both spiritual and physical poverty! New Song Mission Nicaragua is a US based non-profit, registered in Nicaragua, with the intent purpose to connect the local people with the reality of God’s full redemption, focused on spirit, soul and body health, education and vocation. All of the ministries and projects are founded on our central purpose; to make disciples of Jesus Christ and teach everything He said.

Our Goals

To make a difference through training pastors to be effective in their ministries to these communities, to help people develop small businesses to provide for their families, and to teach preventive health care and help them through our medical and dental clinic. We also want to host young people who feel called to be involved in foreign missions and encourage them, help train them, and let them experience living and working in a foreign culture.

Our Plans

  • A leadership training center for leaders to be trained and equipped for ministry!
  • To be able to host young people and groups through our facility!
  • To see our clinic more sustainable, increasing our ability to help more people!
  • To see more small businesses get started!
  • To help build churches for these struggling communities!