Our BEAUTIFUL GOD in Nicaragua!

Jun 27, 2020
Diego Norman
We are so excited to share what God is doing with you. We hope this finds you and your family healthy and enjoying your weekend! It is an honor to be able to thank you all for being a part of helping our Nicaraguan brothers and sisters who are in need, through “New Song Project Hunger” as part of the New Song Clinic Covid Pivot.

Our words can not adequately express the amazing BEAUTY that is DISPLACING the terrible DISTRESS in Chichigalpa, Nicaragua at this moment. We are amazed at God for how HE ALWAYS turns what the enemy meant for evil and uses it for good for all who love Him and are called for His purposes!

NEW expressions of love, outreach, caring, unity, and faith expressed in effective prayer and fasting to see many healings, miracles, and deliverance from evil are outpouring, AWAKENING MANY TO THE REAL LOVE OF GOD FOR THEM. People are finding the realness of God’s help as Light is breaking through this terrible darkness in New Song and all of Chichigalpa; All to His glory!

Yes, there are MANY new cases of Covid19 daily, many deaths, “express burials”, and much fear and suffering. There is real hunger and unbelievable need, but in the middle of all of this, real hope in God is rising up, as we watch people engage online, praying with results of love and faith. We are encouraged to see God’s healing power being released over one after another, AND DRAWING MANY PEOPLE TO CHRIST.

You have played a part in this help through supporting New Song Clinic so that we can give real hands-on love through “Project Hunger.” We want to keep you in touch with the ongoing results of your love investment. This the third time New Song has been able to bless the communities with provision in past ten weeks. Yesterday, over 200 families received this love and a Father’s Day card, thanks to each of you!

Thank you for making a difference and empowering us to walk out the Gospel here among God’s beautiful children. May God bless you in a multiplied manner.

We send you love and thanks from the heart!