Lisa Smith

Lisa SmithLisa moved to Candelaria and joined New Song’s staff in February 2010. She is currently serving as Director of Student Sponsorship. This is a child sponsorship program that seeks to empower children and youth to achieve their dreams and passions by removing barriers that prevent education and opening doors for higher education. This program currently serves approximately 400 children in four different villages (Candelaria as well as our outreach villages of Santa Matilde, Nuevo Amanecer, and La Isla). Lisa and the other sponsorship staff disciple students and families, offer tutoring and English classes, and visit children in their schools and homes. Lisa also works with our youth discipleship program and helps to lead Sunday School in our main church in Candelaria.

More than anything else, New Song’s ministry is relational. While Lisa does oversee both our Sunday School and Student Sponsorship programs, the bulk of her ministry is simply building redemptive relationships within the community. She spends her time hanging out with teenagers and families, talking about their lives, praying with them, believing in their dreams, and offering them advice as an older sister or friend. She also becomes like a surrogate momma to so many children in the village. Lisa is constantly hugging beautiful children and kissing dirty cheeks. She chases them around the church property playing and laughing. She holds them when they cry, prays over them, tells them that they are special and valued, visits them when they are sick, and loves them! Lisa visits homes and builds relationships with families by eating together, playing cards, and just being a part of one another’s lives. Lisa’s desire is to live forth Paul’s words in Galatians 5:6b “…the only thing that counts is faith expressing itself as love.”

The deepest cry of Lisa’s heart is for the restoration of family. Her desire in the kingdom is to be family for those who do not have family. Her long-term dream is to have a home for children that are orphaned, abandoned, and abused. Lisa is currently working towards building a foster care home in Chichigalpa to provide a safe and loving home for children in NW Nicaragua.

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