In Honor of Hazel Pittman

May 10, 2015


Hazel – the best mother-in-law a man could ever want. A huge blessing in my life as well as her daughter. -Bill

Nonnie, thank you for always being a rock in our family as well as in my life. I have always admired your consistency in prayer and love for our family. You are an amazing woman of God and I am proud that you are my grandmother. I love and cherish the relationship we have and the instrumental role you have played in my life. There is no one out there as genuine and funny that I love as much. I love you. Happy (grand)Mother’s Day! -David

Nonnie: you’re the worlds best grandma. You’re fun and cheerful spirit is such a joy to everyone around you. I know your prayers have moved mountains- ones that you’re stronger than. Thank you for being so loving and kind. I respect and admire the woman you are and hope to be a lot like you one day. I love you! -Hannah

Submitted by the Redd Family


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